A unique experience in the heart of Locride //

The estate lies in one of the most enchanting corners of Calabria, rich in history and culture, natural beauty and agricultural vocation. It is situated in Locri, on the Costa dei Gelsomini (the Jasmine’s Riviera), chosen by the Ancient Greeks to found what was to become one of the most prosperous and important colonies of Magna Grecia, Locri Epzefiri.

The landscape expresses the essence of the Mediterranean lands: breathtaking coasts only a stone throw away from the Aspromonte Mountains represent the best habitat for olive, vineyards and citrus fruits cultivations. The estate, which lies in the Modi suburb of Gerace, consists of old country houses, that represent nowadays the heart of the guesthouse. This is the centerpiece of our hospitality project, which is our attempt to promote the unique resources of this area.

We tried to implement several activities in the same place: we dedicated areas to convey old traditions and peasant art crafts, as well as educational spaces dedicated to children, in order to promote a sort of healthy school lunch program , based on the enhancement of the Mediterranean Diet and of organic food. In the ancient barn we put on an inn, where we try to add value to all of our products and fruits, through homemade recipes and flavors from our rural past.

The estate is today a sort of refuge for anyone looking for relaxing moments in the scented Calabrian atmosphere or for those who want to enjoy outdoor activities, the swimming pool or a simple horse riding through olive groves and vineyard

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Relaxing rooms in a breathtaking scenery. //


Set on the relaxing hills of Locri, halfway from the medieval town of Gerace and the beautiful Ionian Coast, our bed & breakfast is the ideal starting point to explore the historic and nature beauty of this territory. We offer our guests the highest quality in a magical natural atmosphere. Each room, suitable for 2, 3 or 4 guests, are all large and bright, equipped with elegant furniture, private bathroom and air conditioning.


Free wi-fi is also available. In addition, customers have a relaxation lounge at their complete disposal, in case they just want to chill out, reading a book or watching TV. Every morning you can enjoy our delicious breakfast with lots of delicacies, toasted bread, fruit juices, homemade marmalade, creamy cappuccino, espresso or tea. We only use local ingredients or, when possible, bio fruit or homemade products, to enhance the strong connection with the territory and its tradition.


On request , we’re also very pleased to delight our customers at dinnertime. Our cuisine and its flavors, will make you experience an amazing dive back into the past! Far away from noisy and busy cities, our B&B lets you feel closer to nature, even giving you the opportunity to get to the seaside or to historical and cultural beauties in just a few kilometers.

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From our vegetable garden to the table //


The educational farm

Tradition as an opportunity //


Recognizing the important value of educational activities related to the knowledge of rural areas, agriculture and its products, our company, also offers teaching and learning opportunities in our offices of Contrada Modi, Gerace.

In fact, we offer a sort of training, depending on student’s level and on the products being processed in a certain period. What we actually try to do, is to make children feel closer to nature, by leading them towards a sort of educational journey, in order to make pupils and their families understand what the relationship between environment, food production and historical and cultural heritage is.

By visiting farms and crops and meeting local farmers, visitors have the opportunity to compare the old working methods to more modern and innovative ones, even experiencing knowledge about animals, cultivations and products’ storage. Our staff leads children in the discovering of milk processing, ship shearing in springtime or olives’ harvest, even visiting our mill, usually at the end of October, or the honey processing, analyzing bees’ activities in their hives.

The aim of this Educational Farm is to teach how nature and animals need to be respected; to compare farm animals to those we are used to (eg. Cats and dogs),; to show and explain differences between animals that may look similar (eg. Sheeps or goats).; to explain where products we eat everyday come from. At the end of the educational journey through the farm, our restaurant is worth a visit as well!