Barone G. R. Macrì Farmhouse //


The Baron G. R. Macri LTD farm was founded in Calabria in 1991. Facing the wonderful scenery of the Ionian Sea, the estate, spread over a total area of ​​4,587,022 square meters, has a wide agricultural area of about 2,550,000 square meters – consisting of olive groves, vineyards, orchards, greenhouses and arable – and several buildings that lie in the towns of Locri, Portigliola, Gerace and Antonimina.

The Farm “Baron G. R. Macri “, alongside agricultural activities, also offers an agritourist opportunity, providing accommodation and restaurant services, always preserving the cultural, social and educational heritage of the place.

The company has its main office in Locri (RC), in via Cavour n. 15, but there are also two branch offices in Gerace and Portigliola, in the suburbs of Modi and Stranghilò.


Our vision, our values //


The Farm “Baron G. R. Macri “LTD is a company that operates in the production, processing and marketing of typical agricultural products, especially olive oil, wine, citrus fruits, horticulture and livestock.

Following the traditional processing methods, we produce and sell genuine products, which all derive from our biological cultivations. Among all the typical products, the company mainly produces olives, extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits (oranges, lemons, bergamot, clementines, mandarins), cheese and dairy products, vegetables and fruit, honey (acacia, citrus, eucalyptus and millefiori).

In particular we like to focus on the production and the processing of olives and olive oil, trying to respect the tradition, through continuative innovation. 50% of the olives is still hand-harvested Currently or through the “stripping method” (the best one, but also the hardest in terms of effort), which consists of hand-harvesting directly on the trees, through the aid of stairs or causing the fall of olives with wooden poles or large combs. To mitigate damages due to these operations, we put down nets at the foot of the trees, even in order to facilitate their recovery after the harvest. The oil extraction process takes place in the estate mill.

At the beginning of our business, we sold olive oil to wholesalers or retailed outlets, but now we just focus on the mass retailers, so that we can always guarantee a high-quality product. For this reason, the production was qualitatively enhanced with the tiling of a bottling line, which is very versatile and which has a working capacity of 100 bottles per hour, filling bottles of 0.5 lt, 0.75 lt or 1 lt. This enables the typification of the product with adequate labeling , highlighting the different oil productions and olive cultivars: the monovarietale geracese olive oil; bitter geracese olive oil; sweet geracese olive oil.