We have a 272,825 square meters area, dedicated to citrus cultivations.


We cultivate and sell a variety of citrus fruits:


The Navel Washington Oranges: this orange is characterized by a sort of “navel” at the base of the fruit, which actually consists of a smaller orange in the fruit itself. The tree blooms in April or May and guarantees a rich harvest only in November and December. The fruit has a sweet pulp and no seeds and is perfect to be eaten after a big meal, because it promotes the digestive process.


The Tarot Orange, which has an oval shape and has a pulp characterized by a lively red color, matured under the warm sun of Calabria, with a sweet taste, which represent the best base for orange juices. Its harvest goes from the beginning of the winter until early April.


Clementines – The clementine (Citrus clementina) is a citrus fruit obtained by the hybridization of orange and tangerine. Similar to mandarins in terms of shape, Clementines have a much colorful pulp, are easier to be peeled and have a sweeter taste, closer to that of oranges. The harvest goes from November to January. They are mainly eaten fresh, but they can also be used to produce jams, syrups or even in cosmetics, as rejuvenating products with toning action.


Mandarin – is really similar to an orange, but smaller and sweeter. The fruit is round, The pulp is made up of a slices, it is orange, rich in juice and sweetness. The peel is orange, soft and flexible, easy to remove and extremely scented.


Lemon – the fruit is usually yellow, but it can also be green or almost white and has a drab pulp. It can be round or oval and it usually has a rough peel. The inner side is characterized by the albedo, a white spongy mass, rich in scent, which also depends on the lemon variety.


Bergamot – it is inedible and is only used for the extraction of essential oils for the cosmetic industry.