Apart from producing extra virgin oil, we also use our olives for other purposes, after having selected them in terms of quality and taste. They are generally used to produce:
in oil black olive
olives in salamoia
pickled crushed olives.


These items are all packed up and properly labeled, ready to be sold in the farm shop or to be tasted in our restaurant.


The traditional recipe of our Olives in Salamoia is the following: wash olives, put 100 grams salt in 1 liter of water, arrange olives in an airtight glass jar, pour water and remove it 40 days later, when you’ll repeat the same process, adding 80 grams salt for 1 liter water.  Olives are ready when they lose their classical bitter taste (about 2 months).They test at their best, when drizzled with oil, thyme, oregano, bay leaf and chili pepper.
olive in salamoia