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our wines

Local grapes and winemaking process //


After nearly 50 years we reinstated the wine production of the TERRE DI GERACE I.G.T. Calabrian Wine.

From the combination between the high quality of the Calabrian native grapes and the innovative winemaking techniques, we guarantee a product that best represents the flavors, the scents and the taste of Calabria.

Olive Oil

Biological Olive oil


The farm is best represented by its 1,197,628 square meters olive groves area, lying in Locri Gerace and Antonimina. The cultivated variety is the Grossa di Gerace or Geracese. This cultivar is both used to produce extra virgin olive oil or as Table Olives.

The oil is produced in our mill, which lies in the Modi suburb of Gerace. Combining the traditional process and the harvesting techniques, we ensure the production of an excellent extra virgin oil. It is sold as certified bio product (according to the EC 834/2007 Regulation) for the EU citizens, while it is included in the NOP (National Organic Program) for US or other non EU citizens.


An old taste becoming brand new //


The Barone Macri LTD company breeds: Italian Friesian cattle, Sardinian sheep and Maltese goats. Our animals grow up in a semi-wild state.

In summertime they graze in the land, while in the colder periods we use forages, which integrate their daily food needs.

Milk is processed in the farm, in order to get raw milk products. We produce different kinds of dairy products: string cheese (provolette, caciocavallo, mozzarella), ripened cheeses (pecorino cheese, cow’s chees, goat’s cheese, mixed ones), fresh cheeses (ricotta from sheep, goat or cow’s milk) or salted aged ricotta, which are to be found in several supermarkets or directly in the farm shop.

The company is now collaborating with the University of Reggio Calabria, in order to develop new kinds of dairy products, like goat’s milk yogurt.


Perfect to be eaten or to be used in local dishes //


Apart from producing extra virgin oil, we also use our olives for other purposes, after having selected them in terms of quality and taste. They are generally used to produce:
– in oil black olive
– olives in salamoia
– pickled crushed olives.

These items are all packed up and properly labeled, ready to be sold in the farm shop or to be tasted in our restaurant.

The traditional recipe of our Olives in Salamoia is the following: wash olives, put 100 grams salt in 1 liter of water, arrange olives in an airtight glass jar, pour water and remove it 40 days later, when you’ll repeat the same process, adding 80 grams salt for 1 liter water. Olives are ready when they lose their classical bitter taste (about 2 months).They test at their best, when drizzled with oil, thyme, oregano, bay leaf and chili pepper.


Natural sweetness.


Here and there in our land there are hundreds of hives. Thanks to our bees, we get delicious honey:

organic acacia honey, which has a typical light color, a delicate flavor, a particular sweetness, that makes it particularly suitable for diabetics and for babies.

Organic Citrus fruits Honey, particularly effective against migraine, thanks to its calming effect, it is also an excellent thirst-quencher, with an unbelievable taste;

Organic Eucalyptus Honey , which is very useful against colds, bronchitis and respiratory problems, it has a strong flavor, a distinctive aroma and a particular amber color;

Organic Wildflower Honey , with a color ranging from white to amber, is known for its anti-inflammatory effect, especially for sore throat.

All our honey is packaged and labeled and the sold in the farm shop.


Scented and tasty


We have a 272,825 square meters area, dedicated to citrus cultivations.

We cultivate and sell a variety of citrus fruits:

The Navel Washington Oranges: this orange is characterized by a sort of “navel” at the base of the fruit, which actually consists of a smaller orange in the fruit itself. The tree blooms in April or May and guarantees a rich harvest only in November and December. The fruit has a sweet pulp and no seeds and is perfect to be eaten after a big meal, because it promotes the digestive process.

The Tarot Orange, which has an oval shape and has a pulp characterized by a lively red color, matured under the warm sun of Calabria, with a sweet taste, which represent the best base for orange juices. Its harvest goes from the beginning of the winter until early April.

Clementines – The clementine (Citrus clementina) is a citrus fruit obtained by the hybridization of orange and tangerine. Similar to mandarins in terms of shape, Clementines have a much colorful pulp, are easier to be peeled and have a sweeter taste, closer to that of oranges. The harvest goes from November to January. They are mainly eaten fresh, but they can also be used to produce jams, syrups or even in cosmetics, as rejuvenating products with toning action.

Mandarin – is really similar to an orange, but smaller and sweeter. The fruit is round, The pulp is made up of a slices, it is orange, rich in juice and sweetness. The peel is orange, soft and flexible, easy to remove and extremely scented.

Lemon – the fruit is usually yellow, but it can also be green or almost white and has a drab pulp. It can be round or oval and it usually has a rough peel. The inner side is characterized by the albedo, a white spongy mass, rich in scent, which also depends on the lemon variety.

Bergamot – it is inedible and is only used for the extraction of essential oils for the cosmetic industry.


Fresh and biological


The fruit and vegetable sector is located in Portigliola Stranghilò where are produced both greenhouse vegetables, whether open field, destined for the fresh market or for the processing industry.

The horticultural area is approximately 115,700 square meters, including the greenhouses with a surface of ​​approximately 52,000 square meters.

Horticultural products are all certified according to the standards of the EEC Reg 834/2007 and, in addition, the company is achieving the Global Gap certification.