Classic White Brut Method



Our classical process is the Mantonico. It is a traditional local grape, which is now becoming more and more popular.


Our winemaking technique allowed us to create a young Spumante from it, which needs a 16 months refinement on yeasts.


We decided to produce a Brut with 6g/l sugar. We chose such a low sugar quantity, in order to keep the original scent and taste, which is bitter and mineral. It also has a very enjoyable floral taste that reminds of our incredible enchanting area.


Vines: Mantonico 100%
Habit of grow: Guyot
Soil: sandy-loamy on marl limestone, basically loose
Altitude: 220m s.l.m
Exposition: from East to West
Planting density: 5.600 vinestocks/ha on terracing
Production per hectare: about 50 q/ha
Product yield: about 10 hl (only run juice)
Harvest mode: by hand, into crates
Harvest period: second decade of Auust
Winemaking: whole grapes pressing, first fermentation in steel at low temperatures
Aging: steel 5-6 months; bottle 12-24 months
Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.