White Greco Raidin Calabrian Igp 2015


We wanted to create a different kind of raisin wine, which could be better than the usual raisin wines of Southern Italy. We only have a 100g/l sugar residue, so that it tastes less soaked and a little drier.


The fact that raisin is dried by the sun, let this wine keep the original flavours and colours (like almond or other fruits), which are usually not kept in other drying processes.


It has a natural alcohol content is about 14%, but it can depend on the harvest of the year and could always slightly different.


Vines: White Greco 100%.
Harvest mode: by hand, into crates of little dimensions (about 5 Kg each)
Drying: Natural, into crates but not in direct sunlight (for about 30 days)
Harvest period: Last decade of August
Winemaking: Whole grapes, natural settling and fermentation with no selected yeasts at low temperatures
Aging: In steel for 3 months and in French oak lightly toasted for 12 months (225 lt)
Service temperature: 10-14° C
Alcoholic content: 14%


Le caratteristiche chimico fisiche e le specifiche della presente scheda sono puramente indicative, pertanto esse possono essere variate in qualunque momento dalla ditta.